I cheated. It was my second full day of Stage One of the GAPS Introduction Diet, and I was just beside myself with nausea. We had been at Google for a tour and hadn’t prepared enough soup to take with us, then we hung out with my parents longer than I had expected, and then the traffic was horrible getting home. I became nauseated from hunger! So I had a bite of Coconut Bliss Chocolate Ice Cream. Just being honest! Surprisingly, it didn’t taste that great.


GAPS Intro Diet Cliff Notes, www.thesimplelane.com

GAPS Intro Diet Cliff Notes, www.thesimplelane.com

Okay, above you can see what’s allowed for the different stages. You may be thinking “That’s the Cliff Notes? Why does it look so long?!” Well, I kinda just compressed a 360-page book into one page. At the very least just read it so you can understand what I’m talking about below.

I did Stage One for 2 days, then, because I felt like I wasn’t getting enough food (didn’t plan terribly well, just wanted to get started), I moved on to Stage Two for a day, and then quickly on to Stage 3. On the night before I did Stage Two, I did a sensitivity test for both egg white (usually the main egg allergy problem) and egg yolk (so digestible it’s been compared to breastmilk). And I passed! This was exciting because I had detected a sensitivity to eggs and had therefore been avoiding them and missing out on their nutrition. I rejoiced by having some yolks sauteed lightly in bacon fat for breakfast, and in the evening I had some of the pancakes. Since I hadn’t cooked the squash yet but was very hungry, I just added some coconut milk to a pecan and egg mixture. I then sauteed them in coconut oil and served with a good helping of ghee on top. The whole family loved them!

Things I’ve learned: make sure you’ve got enough meat cooking in your stocks to give you a hearty stew. If you want, just start with a whole chicken, then peel the meat off the bones when the stock is done cooking (I recommend pureeing the skin/fat with the veggies because of the funny texture when boiled, then adding the meat in later). Also, have tons of veggies around, or be prepared to go shopping. You’ll go through a ton! My craving for other foods has decreased drastically (after day 1). Today after church they had delicious-smelling burritos, and though I was hungry, I didn’t feel like I NEEDED them (and I LOVE burritos!). I haven’t even craved chocolate, which just sounds like insanity. A hard part is that, because of too little meat, I didn’t have enough energy to keep up with all of the dishes all of this broth- and soup-making create. It was such a frustration trying to clean the kitchen when I was just hungry. Normally I just grab a piece of fruit, some nuts, some dried fruit or a piece of chocolate to give me an extra burst of energy. But if I didn’t plan ahead, I just had to go hungry.

The most impressive things so far? A patch of psoriasis that I’ve had on my scalp for as long as I can remember is fading! It still itches, but it no longer has tons of flaky skin. And, I’ve become regular! Get used to talking about stool. Those who have kids know that the deposits in a diaper are one of the best indications of a child’s health. And it’s no different for us! I haven’t been regular, oh, ever. So this is a big deal for me. To check out how the diet has progressed, check out the next post here.

That’s it for now. I’ve got some rib/marrow/neck broth simmering on the stove as I type, and think I’ll keep up Stage Three for a little bit before moving on. Sorry for lack of pictures, I’ve been too busy cleaning my kitchen! The one below is just of the stock simmering. I add a bunch of parsley for the last 10 minutes of cooking to add some extra minerals to the stock.

Meat Stock, www.thesimplelane.com

Meat Stock, www.thesimplelane.comMeat Stock

What’s on your stove today?