Recapturing traditional skills; raising food sustainably

We first became curious about eating better and living more sustainably after becoming invested in Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions and the nutritional wisdom accumulated by Dr. Weston A. Price. And though we began to change our eating habits, we soon realized we had little farming know how. Our backyard gardens struggled on for years at homes we rented because we never stayed in one place long enough to really improve the existing soil.

We hit our first real success raising rabbits and ducks and continued improving our knowledge of permaculture, market gardening and bionutrient farming, and became bold enough to buy a larger piece of land in Sonoma County, California, where we hope to add sheep, chickens and geese. Our aim is ultimately to run a local CSA program by intensely cultivating the 1/2 acre we have to farm–combining some of the urban farm skills of growing in small places at a larger scale.

Rachel at our first nourishing homestead pulling brussel sprouts
The Melone family of the Nourishing Homestead

Our grand vision is also to make high-quality, organically-raised food available for low income families. The Bay Area is a mecca for organic farming, but the price of living is increasingly prohibitive and pricing nourishing food out of the reach of the families who need it. We hope to build out our homestead to run a 1 for 1 CSA model where we can give a box to a deserving family for every box sold.