Pinterest DIY: Waterproofing Fabric Shoes

You might have seen my other Pinterest DIY: Wool Dryer Balls, which turned out decently, so I wanted to share another Pinterest DIY [...]

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Pinterest DIY: Wool Dryer Balls

So many of us spend hours on Pinterest, pinning every amazing thing out there and making loads of wonderful plans to make the [...]

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Going Diaper Free: Part 2

Now that my husband's break between school and the start of his internship has ended, I figured I should get back to blogging! [...]

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Gardening Success: Sheet Mulching!

Sheet Mulching, graphic from Gaia's Garden I've talked a bit about food and shared some projects, but I haven't yet shared [...]

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Your toothpaste may be toxic. Here’s how to make your own

Homemade Tooth Powder It's great that everyone is trying to reduce their toxic load these days, but many don't realize what's [...]

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Pregnancy, GAPS and Celiac Disease

Well now that it's been "officially" announced via Facebook, I feel okay talking about what's been going on here with regards to eating [...]

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Toy-Chest Makeover

Hey guys! Sorry for the brief absence, I've got a lot brewing here that I can't wait to talk to you about, but [...]

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The Chocolate Snob’s Guide to Chocolate

Hah! That title got your attention :). Who out there doesn't love chocolate? Admittedly, there are a few who just don't care for [...]

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GAPS Diet, Stages 3-5

It's been a little bit since I updated you on GAPS so let me recap a bit. I started the GAPS Introduction Diet [...]

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Chair Upholstery Saga: Part 1

I'm queen of biting off more than I can chew, but I've always been pleasantly surprised when I've completed a project. We've been [...]

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